Joy Warrior Journal: 7 easy ways to get your joy back when life forces you to pivot

Joy Warrior Journal: 7 easy ways to get your joy back when life forces you to pivot

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If joy seems out of reach because chaos is all around, claim this book and unleash your new mindset!

I’ve got 7 easy ways to take back your joy when life comes at ya fast-plus affirmations and more in my "Joy Warrior Journal: 7 easy ways to get your joy back when life forces you to pivot." Invest in your joy, get off the bench and start playing the game of life like the blessing you are, love. With actionable steps, tools and resources on-hand, you're one click away from getting back on track. Let's do this!


Davida E. Arnold is a West Philly born Ma, third line Geechee and a living bucket-list in sovereign ancestral flow. She is an in-demand communication, mindset and ancestral dominion strategist with over 15 years of successful solution-finding. Her work has appeared on A&E, MTV and more. Her dedication to activism led her to work with Color Of Change, Cheerity and other freedom-centered organizations. A storyteller who thrives in making complex topics accessible and people-centered, she speaks on inclusion, entrepreneurship and mindset for groups such as Global Startup Ecosystem.

This former teacher comes from three generations of teachers and loves giving "willful" young women ways to use self-love to live with integrity. "They are sooo me!" she laughs. She workshops her "Get Your Glow Up" curriculum to driven teen and college-aged girls at schools including Manhattan Business Academy and Columbia University.

With a career that spans women's, lifestyle, influencer, tech and social impact, Davida, or  “V” as she is known, is clear about her why: "I am a demonstration of joy. If sharing what I learn in life helps you tap into your joy and share it forward, then that's good work." 

If joy is your jam, follow Joy Warrior Social Club,  home of the Ancestor Evolution® "Look for virtual events and courses, lifestyle products and dope guests who help you relearn how to be the joy-centered life you deserve, despite the chaos daily life can present. It's for the OG to the beginner mindset mogul," she laughs.

When she’s not online, she’s far away from WiFi, deep in nature, poppin’ and lockin’ to the break of dawn with friends who know how to rock the mic. 

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